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Walkabout, AirBelly Lightweight Sling

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Walkabout Harnesses recently launched the AirBelly Lightweight Summer Sling, aiming to increase breathability, performance, and function for all furry adventurers

Featuring perforated Airprene material for superior breathability and temperature control, the AirBelly Lightweight Sling is designed to keep your furry friend comfy. Plus, it helps stave off sweat and moisture.

Convenient customizations for you and your dog include

  • Detachable Handles
  • Adjustable Strap Lengths
  • Breathable Perforated Fabric
  • Conveniently Machine Washable
  • Able To Be Worn All Day Long

The Airbelly Support Sling provides amazing, weightless support from under your dog's belly. It's a great way for your dog to tackle stairs, get in and out of vehicles, climb onto furniture, or get some assistance when out on a stroll.

Keeping mobile and active is important for your pet's wellbeing. When your dog's mobility is limited, using a product like the AirBelly Lightweight Sling can get them back out and moving again.

This sling's simple design means you can secure it in seconds - just wrap it around their middle and back, velcro and voila! No more straining your back to give your furry friend a lift.

Key Benefits

  • Offers balance, stability, and lift assistance for both large and small dogs
  • Provides weightless support from under their belly
  • Easy to use, convenient design, and essential for regaining daily mobility and exercise
  • Helps dogs move around the home, go for walks, or accomplish elevated tasks like stairs, cars, and more


A Measure the circumference of the abdomen directly in front of the back legs.
C Measure the circumference of the chest directly behind the front legs.
E Measure the length of the body from behind the front leg to the front of the back leg.


A abdomen 14"-18" 18"-24" 20"-25" 22"-28" 29"-32" 33"-44"
C chest 14"-18" 20"-24" 24"-30" 28"-34" 31"-38" 38"-46"
E body length 3"-5" 6"-9" 9"-11" 11"-13" 13"-16" 14"-16"
Handle Length 21" 21" 15" 12" 12" 12"
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