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Dog Travel Carrier

Going on a long walk or hike with your small dog isn’t easy. Their little legs can only take them so far! That’s where a dog travel carrier or backpack comes in handy. Golden Wags offers high-quality carriers available in different styles and colors. Plus, you’ll find plenty of spectacular features including converting into a stroller.

Our dog travel bags are great for hitting the road or vacationing with your pets. They provide a safe and secure location for your pup to hang out in while moving through the airport. These pet escort carriers aren’t only for dogs; they’re also perfect for many small pets, including cats and bunnies. Browse Golden Wags’ selection of various travel carriers from bags to backpacks to find the one right for your dog.

PETOTE®, KELLE Bag [Airline Approved/Tote/Shoulder Strap]

from$ 169.95

  • Black
  • Black Quilted
  • Black & White
  • Camo
  • + 5
Petique, The Backpacker Dog Carrier [Backpack]

$ 48.44 $ 56.99

  • Coral
  • Denim
  • Glacier
  • Orchid
Petique, 5-in-1 Dog Carrier Cap. 25 lbs. [Backpack/Tote/Roller Bag/Car Seat]

$ 161.49 $ 189.99

  • Pepper
  • Army Camo
  • Pink Camo
  • Sunset Strip
K9 Sport, Sack® Knavigate [Backpack]

from$ 169.95

  • Lunar Rock
  • Midnight Black
K9 Sport, Sack® Trainer [Backpack]

from$ 49.95

  • Koral
  • Iron Grate
  • Greenery
  • Harbor Blue
K9 Sport, Sack Urban 3 [Backpack]

from$ 84.95

  • Conrete Grey
  • Leafy Green
K9 Sport, Sack® Air 2 [Backpack]

from$ 69.95

  • Light Grey
  • Summer Mint
  • Multi Color
  • Jet Black
K9 Sport, Sack® PLUS 2 [Backpack]

from$ 94.95

  • Jet Black
  • Summer Mint
  • Tie Dye
  • Light Gray
K9 Sport, Walk-On with Harness & Storage [Backpack]

from$ 129.95

  • Anthracite Black
  • Buttercup Yellow
  • Shark Skin Grey
  • Sunset Orange
Pet Gear, View 360 Carrier [Car Seat]

$ 53.98

  • Black
  • Floral
  • Midnight River