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Petique, Tripp the Turtle Pet Toy
Petique, Tripp the Turtle Pet Toy
Petique, Tripp the Turtle Pet Toy
Petique, Tripp the Turtle Pet Toy

Petique, Tripp the Turtle Pet Toy

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Petique Pals Tripp the Turtle is your pet's dream come true!

Jam-packed with multi-textured goodness, Tripp can take on the toughest pups and cats' tugging, tossing, and chewing.

Plus, the tough rope encircling Tripp’s body will keep teeth clean and gums healthy. Scamper inside and you'll find a plush center and spinning tennis ball like a playground just for your furry friend!

Squish Tripp's head and you'll be rewarded with a gratifying squeaker to keep your pets pumped and playful. Yup, Tripp's absolutely "turtley" amazing!


  • FUN: Squeaker in the head, rope outlining the body, tennis ball in the center, and overall cuddle buddy!
    • The tennis ball in the middle is held in by a string that goes through the tennis ball
    • Four extra hands and feet for your pets to chew on
  • BUILT FOR ENGAGEMENT: Chewing, playing & fetching activities
  • SAFETY: Made with no harmful chemicals
  • A variety of textures


  • Dogs that love to play with balls
  • Pets that love to chew on ropes
  • Pets that love squeakers
  • If you have a dog or other animals that loves to chew or destroy toys, the tennis ball in the center acts as an extra tennis ball for them to play fetch with when the rest of the toy is destroyed
  • Rope toys help massage your dog's gums
  • Rope toys help remove food particles that get stuck in their teeth, which reduces harmful bacteria or plaque build up in their teeth
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Tripp the Turtle Pet Toy benefits you and your pets

Care Instructions

  • Monitor your pets while they play because if they chew apart the toy into tiny pieces, it can create a choking hazard. This goes for any toy you give your pets


9.45"L X 8.66"W X 3.15"H

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