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a close up image of a Pup-Tub, Ocean Blue
a close up image of a dog getting bathe on a Pup-Tub with his toy duck

Pet Gear, Pup-Tub

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The Pet Gear Pup Tub is the answer to many pet owners' bath-time struggles!

Easily secure your pup with two quick-connect adjustable leash restraints. And don't worry about slipping with the rubberized mat and grippers beneath.

Plus, you can quickly and easily drain away the soapy suds with the quick drain feature. Last but not least, you can store shampoo, conditioner, and brushes in two built-in holders. Bada-bing, bada-bath!


  • Rubberized bottom provides a slip-proof floor even when wet
  • 2 tethers allow the pet to be secured during the bathing process
  • Translucent plastic allows small dogs to see through resulting in less stress
  • Two storage trays for shampoo, etc
  • Rubberized grippers keep Pup Tub from slipping off any surface


Capacity: 20 lbs

Color: Blue

Size: 30"L x 18"W x 9"H

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