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Petique Odor Eliminating Ear Cleaner with Photocatalyst Technology 2 OZ

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Petique Odor Eliminating Ear Cleaner with Photocatalyst Technology is so powerful, it will instantly eliminate the odor in your pet's ear by dissolving and decomposing the gunk and the bacteria odor.

The Photocatalyst is green chemistry that is extremely safe for your pets and the whole family! Quickly stops smelly ears!

Petique’s Ear Cleaner, from the Eco-System Collection, does not contain any pharmaceuticals, synthetic chemicals, hydrocortisone (steroids), solvents or antibiotics.

Our powerful photocatalyst technology instantly absorbs and eliminates foul odors coming from your pet's ears. Great for sensitive ears!



    • Photocatalyst technology that tackles bacteria odors at their root by working with the air molecules in our eco-system to dissolve and decompose the bad odor molecules, then clean and neutralize the bacteria odors by turning them into H2O & CO2.

    • Helps to completely eliminate the smell rather than mask it.

    • Safe for pets and children

    • Photocatalyst formula is free of sulfates, alcohols, harsh irritating chemicals and detergents


    • Kills bacteria odors immediately

    • Leaves your pet's ears smelling fresh and clean


    • Non-irritating, even for dogs and cats with allergies and sensitive ears

    • Completely safe to use on their skin

    • Safe if it accidentally gets in eye or mouth

    • Safe on wounds


    • Naturally removes excess dirt

    • Removes debris and ear wax

    • Eliminates Odor


    • No harsh chemicals

    • No masking fragrance

    • No harmful ingredients

    • For pets and people with sensitive smell



  • For dogs, cats, or other animals who's ears are irritating them

  • For pets who have smelly ears

  • For pets whose ears are more prone to being smelly like the basset hound and cocker spaniels who's ears are more floppy

  • For pets who swim or bathe a lot

  • Let us know in the reviews how the Odor Eliminating Ear Cleaner benefits you and your pets


How to Use

  • Use once a month for a good rule of thumb

  • After each swim or bath

  • When your pet's ears are irritating them

  • When your pet's ears are smelly

Step 1:

Squirt 8-10 drops of ear cleaner

Step 2:

Massage the base of the ear

Step 3:

Wipe canal with a clean cotton


Care Instructions

Storage: Do not place in direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place. Good for 6 months after opening. 



Composite titanium dioxide, sodium carbonate, citric acid, sodium tripolyphosphate, purified water.



1.31"L X 4.18"H


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