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A gray colored Pet carrier with wheels and handle stretched out
A gray colored Pet carrier with expanded side pockets
A gray colored Pet carrier with wheels and handle facing front
A smiling woman carrying a gray colored pet carrier in a park
A dog in a gray colored pet carrier and a gray colored bowl with a yellow Dog food in it
A cat inside a gray colored pet carrier in a park
A smiling girl wearing a black hoodie pulling a gray colored pet carrier with wheels in a park
A woman reading a book on white picnic matt while reading a book together with her dog in a gray colored pet carrier in a park.
Two cute puppies inside a gray colored pet carrier
A gray colored Pet carrier with 3 different colors of handle
A gray colored Pet carrier with wheels and handle stretched out

Petique Happy Camper Dog Carrier

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The Happy Camper Dog Carrier has a unique design that transforms a pet carrier on wheels for a smooth 360 degree ride to transforming into a well ventilated house with four expandable sides!

The spacious dog carrier helps reduce your pets stress and anxiety, while giving them more space to stretch and feel comfortable. With four extendable mesh sides, your pets can move around freely, broaden their view and have increased air circulation, while staying protected inside.

When you think traveling with your pets has never been more convenient, the Happy Camper Dog Carrier provides three essential carrying options to carry your paw-tner around: The telescoping handle to smoothly roll them around on four wheels, carrying them using the comfortably padded shoulder strap, or carrying them using the durable top handle straps



  • Expands on all four sides to create four times the room for your pets

    • A zipper door on each of the larger expendable meshes to allow your dog to go in an out as he or she pleases

  • Durable mesh for quality air flow

  • The mesh helps keep unwanted bugs out

  • Soft faux-Sherpa mat for comfort

    • Removable and machine washable

  • 3 essential carrying options:

    • Top handle

    • Adjustable shoulder strap

    • Telescopic handle

  • Four durable 360 degree rotating wheels for a smooth ride and easy maneuverability

  • Adjustable leash for safety

  • Durable hardware

  • Great for travel – Approved by most airlines

  • Folds and stores flat

  • Pet carrier that transforms into a house

    • Removable wheels

    • Removable base to go from a pet carrier on wheels to a stable house on the ground


  • Distraction is the leading cause of car accidents and putting the seat belt over the Happy Camper Dog Carrier during car rides keeps your pets and everybody in the car safe

  • Relieves anxiety and stress if your pets are not used to traveling in cars

  • For pets who are unable to sit in one spot in the car

  • For pets who get car sick

  • Relieves anxiety and stress for your pets if they are not used to being outdoors

  • Small dogs, cats, and other animals under 15 LB

  • For pets who do not like or are unable to to walk long distance

  • For pets who's paws need protection because the ground is too hot or too cold

  • Great for camping and picnics

  • Great for humans who would prefer to roll their pets instead of carrying them because carrying your pets get heavier overtime

  • Great to travel in airports

  • Expandable the carrier so your pets can have more room to stretch in the airport or wherever they need to be confined

  • Let us know in the reviews how the Happy Camper Dog Carrier benefits you and your pets

Care Instructions

  • Spot Clean with mild soap

  • Air dry only


  • Product Weight: 6.75 LB

  • Product Size: 18.5"L X 10.5"W X 12" H

  • Supports pets up to 15 LB

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