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a lady pushing a blue double decker pet stroller on the side walk with a cat on top and dog at the bottom
a lady pushing a double decker dog pet stroller with a cat inside in the path walk and parked cars on the background
a double decker black dog stroller

Petique Double Decker Dog Stroller

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Round up the doggo troops and hit the road with the Pet and Pets Double Decker Pet Stroller!

Quality mesh windows and adjustable leashes offer a comfy and ventilated space for your furry fam. Plus, the 360-degree swivel wheels make it easy to navigate and the one-hand fold feature makes it a breeze to pack and store.

With two separate bassinets, your four-legged friends can have their own personal space and it even comes with its own pee-pad mats, so there's no messin' around! So buckle up, pups. Adventure awaits in the Double Decker Dog Stroller!


  • Top and bottom bassinet, to keep dogs comfortable in their own space
    • Both seats include removable pee pad mats
    • Adjustable leashes inside the bassinets
    • The fabric on the bottom bassinet is removable and machine washable
  • Quality mesh windows to provide optimal air ventilation
  • 360 degree front wheel swivel for easy navigation
  • One-hand fold feature makes it easy to fold and store
  • Lightweight yet sturdy support
  • Optimum safety with double rear brakes
  • Ultimate comfort with cushioned handle


  • Top and bottom bassinet separates dogs who do not get along
  • Your dogs will each have their own space
  • Fits multiple pets
  • If you only use one bassinet, you can use the other as a storage basket for your belongings
  • Great for small dogs, cats, bunnies, and other small animals
  • Let us know how the Double Decker Pet Stroller benefits you and your pets!

Care Instructions

  • The bottom bassinet is machine washable (gentle machine wash in a laundry wash bag)
  • DO NOT bleach
  • DO NOT dry in a dryer, line dry or air dry ONLY
  • Spot clean canopy

How to Remove and Re-attach the Fabric


  • Product size: 35.43"L X 17.91"W X 37.40"H
  • Top Bassinet: 15.75"L X 10.83"W X 9.85"H
  • Top bassinet holds up to 11 LB
  • Bottom Bassinet: 22.44"L X 10.83"W X 11.81"H
  • Lower cabin holds up to 22 LB

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