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a reflective dog leash with safety lock at the end with lady bug patterns
a short lady bug patterned dog reflective dog leash

Petique, Reflective Dog Leash with Shock Absorber, Ladybug

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Petique, Inc.™ Reflective Dog Leashes have you covered when you take a nighttime stroll

Their reflective fabric ensures you'll be seen from far and wide while the shock absorbing spring easily absorbs any tugs and pulls from your pup so you can walk them worry-free!

Plus, it's gentle on their necks as well as your hands, so no need to worry about hurting them or arm fatigue. The rounded shape of the rope is easier to grip, allowing you a much more enjoyable walk!

Tip: Lightweight pets need the thin leash, while heavier pals require the thicker option. For those heavy-duty hounds, opt for the shorter leash and feel the tugging relief!


  • Strongly braided leash contains sewn-in reflective material
  • Lightweight Shock Absorber
  • Comfortable grip even for pets who like to pull hard
  • Sleek pleather accent on the Kandy Kane and Elektric Blue
  • Strong weave accent on the Bumblebee, Lady Bug, and Dragonfly


  • Great for pets who like to walk off on their own. The Reflective Pet Leash will effortlessly control their tug and bring them back
  • Creates instant control for any size dog, cat, and other pet
  • The reflective strip allows people to see you when you walk at night
  • Easy on your pet's neck and body and your arm for pets that like to tug or pull
  • You can easily allow your pets to walk next to you like they are supposed to 
  • Your pets will not feel like they are forced and pulled to walk next to you
  • The leash size is the standard leash size to keep your pets trained and beside you 
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Reflective Leashes with Shock Absorber benefits you and your pets


Large Reflective Pet Leash

Supports pets up to 75 lbs.
Product Weight: 0.70 lbs.
Product Size:3.7 Ft. L / .8" Thick

XL Reflective Pet Leash

Supports pets up to 100 lbs.
Product Weight: 0.55 lbs.
Product Size: 1.Ft. L / 1" Thick

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