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a full view image of a black bike adapter with locks on both ends
a red dog cart with a happy dog inside connected to a bicycle through a back bike adapter traveling on the road
a close up image of a bike adapter attached on the end of a bicycle and a blue dog cart with wheels

Petique, Bike Adapter (ONLY for All-Terrain, Breeze, and Trailblazer Joggers)

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Jam your Petique Bike Adapter to your All Terrain, Breeze, and Trailblazer Pet Jogger and get ready to peddle off with your fuzzy four-legged pal!

Your pet will feel the wind in their fur, eyes closed, lips curled into a smile, and tongue winging out like a flag! It connects quickly and easily from the bottom of the stroller to the back of your bike, and has three adjustable distances.

Plus, it's light, sturdy, and portable - no matter how long or far you're cruising. Now you can ride further, explore more, and take your pet with you, wherever your biking takes you. Wipe clean after use and tell us all about your rides in the reviews!


  • Attaches from the bottom of the pet joggers to the back of your bike
    • Three options to adjust the distance from your bike to your pet jogger
    • Very durable clasp to lock the bike adapter in place
  • Portable
  • Light
  • Sturdy
  • Durable


  • Humans who love to ride bikes can now take their pets on their fun, fast paced journey and when they stop to explore the town, they can park their bikes and stroll their pets!
  • You can now travel further with your pets
  • You can ride your bikes more 
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Bike Adapter benefits you and your pets

Care Instructions

  • Wipe clean


Size: 35"L X 9"W X 2"H

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