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side view image of a black dog carrier with sunset strip highlights near the side pockets facing right
side view image of a black dog carrier with sunset strip highlights near the side pockets facing left
back view image of a black dog carrier with sunset strip highlights on the side pocket side facing left where you can see the should straps
a fully extended handle bar of a black dog carrier with sunset strip accent on the side
a close up image of a wide open black dog carrier
side view image of a black dog carrier with sunset strip highlights facing right
a cute dog riding a black stroller inside a black dog carrier and a black organizer on the bottom of  the stroller next to tall grasses on background

Petique 5-in-1 Dog Carrier, Sunset Strip

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Petique's 5-in-1 Dog Carrier (Carrier Only) is your ticket to snugly transporting your small pup up to 25 LBs wherever you go!

It converts to a car seat, a backpack, a rolling wheeled carrier with smooth 360 degree turns, and conveniently fits over your luggage handle for hands-free convenience.

You can take your pup hiking, sailing through the airport, or on that long road trip without a worry! Paired with the 5-in-1 Dog Stroller Frame (sold separately), adventure awaits!


  • Distraction is the leading cause of car accidents and the car seat feature helps prevent the driver from getting distracted, keeping your pets and everybody in the car safe during car rides
  • Collapsible and folds flat for easy storage
  • Quality, lightweight and durable materials with a hard frame that won't squish your pets while traveling
  • Benefits of the Durable Structure on the 5-in-1 Dog Carrier:
    1. Gives more protection than a soft pet carrier when used as a car seat
    2. Provides more wiggle room and ventilation for your pet's body
    3. Overall, provides more protection for the pets while traveling and give them a more enjoyable experience
  • Four wheels for a smooth 360 degree ride
  • Five easy and convenient traveling solutions:
    1. Telescoping handle
    2. Strap handle
    3. Attachable and detachable backpack straps
    4. Put over your luggage handle to free a hand
    5. Car seat
  • A large pocket on the back that turns into an insert to put on top of your luggage by unzipping the bottom of the pocket
  • The zipper in the back hides a wheel covering that covers the two back wheels to protect your clothes from getting dirty from the wheels when you carry it with the backpack feature
  • A "Y" shaped car seat strap comes with the 5-in-1 Dog Carrier so you can attach it to the hook on the bottom of the pet carrier and connect it to your car. (Similar to a baby car seat)
  • Five Pockets including a pocket for water. Six pockets if you use the large pocket in the back
  • Four entry ways with large mesh windows that generate breathable ventilation – two side doors and two top windows
  • A magnetic flap to give your pets privacy
  • An option to roll up the two windows on the top so your pet can stick their head out

Sold Separately:

5-in-1 Dog Stroller Frame to put your 5-in-1 Dog Carrier on top


  • Relieves anxiety and stress if your pets are not used to traveling in cars
  • Relieves anxiety and stress for your pets if they are not used to being outdoors
  • Small dogs, cats, and other animals under 25 LB
  • Pets who are unable to sit in one spot in the car
  • Pets who get car sick
  • Pets who do not like or are unable to to walk long distance
  • Pets who's paws need protection because the ground is too hot or too cold
  • Pets who's parents love to take them out traveling, hiking, shopping, etc.
  • Let us know in the reviews how the 5-in-1 Dog Carrier benefits you and your pets

Care Instructions


  • Dog Carrier: 13"L X 11"W X 20.8"H
  • Seat Dimension: 10.5"L X 12"W X 15.5"H
  • Supports Pets up to 25 LB
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