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Small Sized Carriers

Made to fit a dog with a back length of 13-17 inches (33-43 cm) when measured from the collar to the base of tail.

Consider a K9 Booster Block if your dog is still growing or in between sizes.

  • K9 Sport Sack® PLUS 2 Summer Mint
    Regular price
    $ 94.95
  • K9 Sport Sack® Air 2 Summer Multi Color
    Regular price
    $ 69.95
  • K9 Sport Sack® Trainer Koral
    Regular price
    $ 49.95
  • K9 Sport Sack® Knavigate Lunar Rock
    Regular price
    $ 169.95
  • K9 Sport Sack Urban 3 Concrete Grey
    Regular price
    $ 84.95
  • K9 Walk-On with Harness & Storage Sunset Orange
    Regular price
    $ 129.95

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