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Picture of  Epi-Pet Double-Sided Treatment Application Brush

Epi-Pet, Double-Sided Treatment Application Brush

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Epi-Pet's Double-Sided Brush is a must-have for using Epi-Pet's unique Two Step Application. With one side featuring widely-spaced wire bristles, and the other side with closely-gathered soft nylon bristles, this brush is essential for the perfect application

The rigidly-spaced wire bristles are great for exfoliating and removing dead skin, as well as increasing circulation for better absorption of Epi-Pet's Skin Enrichment Spray. Plus, they're perfect for detangling snarled and matted hair!

The Epi-Pet Double-Sided Treatment Application Brush has a firm yet softer nylon bristled side that effortlessly spreads the Skin Enrichment Spray on delicate areas such as the pet's underbelly. For a precise application, simply spritz the skin spray onto this side of the brush. Additionally, its soft side is perfect for brushing around the pet's face. Like all Epi-Pet products, this Two-Sided Brush is extremely versatile.

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