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Traveling Safe with your Dog – Made Easy

With summer comes more activities and more traveling. Thankfully!! We all look forward to this time of year when we can hopefully lighten our schedules and find some time to see new places. It’s common to have a dog roaming around the car and we all see it often. But in an accident, your dog can fly through the car and severely injure themselves or another passenger.

It can take some extra thought as to how to keep your dog safer–but we are hoping to make that easier for you! There are quite a few products that Golden Wags carries for traveling with your dog no matter what his or her needs are. But better yet, we have a couple that can be used in multiple ways – and that can GREATLY cut down on luggage space!

If there’s one item that is multi-purpose, it’s most definitely our backpack for smaller dogs that can also be used as a tote, carrier, car seat and meets most airline regulations! The I-GO2 Plus can be carried as a backpack, tote, or with its telescoping handle with wheels. We love the various colors too! Like so many of Pet Gear’s products, it has convenient built in features like storage pouches on the side, a tether for their safety, and even a fleece-top liner for comfort.

The Pet Gear Booster Car Seats and the Bucket Seat Boosters are both open car seats that lift your dog up, have tethers to secure them, and buckle into the car. They both have soft interiors and come in multiple sizes and colors! See what works best for your fur friend.

Especially for our elderly dogs who don’t have the same strength and resiliency as when they were younger, remember to limit their time in a hot car. It can heat up so quickly, especially if he or she is getting worked up and barking a lot!

Safe travels!