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Three of Our Favorite Products This Summer

As the season winds down, people are soaking in these last weeks of summer before all the schedules set in. We wanted to tell you our favorite products of the season – particularly for water play and travel. A couple of which we had never even thought of to have for a dog!

So let’s get to it...

Octagon Pet Pen1. PET PEN - One of our favorite Pet Gear products is the Octagon Pet Pen that comes with a removable top. Let me tell you, these fly off the shelf! Pet Gear is continually restocking and they come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your dog’s need and style.

What makes this pen so suitable for travel is how it is not only lightweight, but can fold completely flat for easy storage and portability. The removable top is partly vented and provides shade from the hot sun. There are side storage pockets for a place to keep things handy and the floor is even water-resistant. You can’t go wrong with this pen that can be used both in and outside!

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Playa Pup Vistor2. VISORS -  We all know what it feels like to have the sun in our eyes and last time I checked, sunglasses aren’t the most practical accessory to put on a dog. Here is where visors come in!

I had never seen these before PlayaPup and I think they are a GENIUS idea. They have a flexible wide brim, a cushioned cap and a helpful Velcro closure to keep the visor secure.

PlayaPup has a way of perfectly combining style and functionality, so you can imagine how excited we were when we saw these visors along with the rest of their summer line! They never cease to amaze us with their vibrant, playful prints and incredible sun protection for dogs of all sizes. 

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We have some quick sizing tips for visors as well to ensure you find the right one for your puppy or dog:  Download sizing chart (PDF)

Pet Flotation Device3. PET FLOTATION DEVICE - Everything is more fun with your dog right? So why not bring them into the water or on the boat with you too? PFD’s help take your mind off worrying and enable your dog to keep up with your exciting lifestyle! PlayaPup’s beautiful designs can be found on these PFD’s as well!

Made of water resistant neoprene outer cover, their foam filling is comfortable for your dog because it forms to your dogs shape. It can be secured with sturdy, adjustable straps with strong closures to ensure vest will not come undone in the water.

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We have a sizing chart to help you fit your dog for a PFD as well!

Tag us in your dog summer pics with the hashtag #goldenwagsgear and the handle @golden_wags_  We can’t wait to see your dog in action!