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The Ultimate Dog Stroller Guide: What type does my dog need?

Dalmation NV No-Zip Dog Stroller

The first step in the process is to pinpoint your (and your dog’s) specific requirements for a stroller. You can decide that by reading the descriptions here, and then narrow your results on our site with our extensive filters. Don’t want to deal with zippers? Do you have a larger dog that uses a sling? Do you want a smoother ride for hiking trails? Check out the options below!


You need a stroller that helps with a small dogs’ visibility

Do you have a small dog who is eager to see what’s going on around him, but needs to stay laying down due to an injury? Try one of our small dog strollers! You can even put a bolster pad inside so that he can keep an eye out while you’re out and about.


You want to make a seamless transition between car seat and stroller

The View 360 Dog Stroller is such a powerhouse of a stroller! Take your dog from the car to the stroller in seconds – in the most adorable, printed carriers. This is irreplaceable for dogs recovering from injuries or dealing with walking issues who still need to tag along with you wherever you go!


You’re shopping for large dogs with limited movement

Getting a large dog into a stroller can be an intimidating task. But, the most amazing thing about our strollers for larger dogs is that there are two doors! They can walk in and out without any need for awkward cramped turning around, thanks to the roomy interiors of these strollers and short height from the ground. This is especially helpful for dogs that use slings, harnesses or even wheelchairs. They can be gently guided in without needing to lift them very far.


You won’t let rainy days slow you down

It’s okay to get caught in the rain - right!? But in case your pup doesn’t feel the same, check out the weather covers we have for many of our strollers.


You would prefer No-Zip Strollers

There are so many to choose from! Instead of zippers, these strollers have small latches that clip over to keep your stroller tightly closed. A refreshing change!


You need a space saver

Have you ever heard of a stroller divider? This can serve two purposes. Pop it into your stroller to create two separate spaces for your little dogs, or to create extra storage within the interior of the stroller! This can be helpful when you need more space than the basket below the stroller can hold. Slip your purse below the divider and leave the undercarriage open for carrying slings or other mobility aids.


You’re looking for something lightweight

At the end of the day, your number one need might be to have a carriage that can be easily carried or lifted into the car. We have a stroller that only weighs 11 pounds!


You need to navigate rougher terrain

Check out these strollers with gel-filled tires that provide a smoother ride but won’t go flat. They are great for walks through the woods or even those sidewalks that are waiting for some upkeep!


You want a Jogging Stroller

The gel-filled tires of jogging dog strollers keep the ride smooth, while the front wheel lock keeps the stroller from making any quick, unwanted turns.


Click through to the type of stroller your dog needs and see what colors there are to choose from. As always, reach out anytime for more help catering your stroller to your dog!