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Stick to These Four Habits for your Aging Dog

As dogs age, owners can be left feeling helpless and stuck with the problems their dog is experiencing. And while sometimes there’s no way to make those health issues go away, there are many ways we as dog owners can support and love them in a way that can make their lives significantly easier.

Keep up the enthusiasm 

Dogs are truly incredible in how they pick up on our emotions both happy and sad. While it’s important to feel our emotions whatever they may be, staying upbeat about them and their health can be very beneficial. It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make both in our state of mind and theirs if we keep things light and talk to them in an enthusiastic tone. State of mind can make a huge difference in health!

Keep them active

Weight gain is so tricky in older and injured dogs! They move less, so weight can be harder to keep off. It’s a cycle though, because the extra weight can put stress on joints and muscles and that in turn can make it even harder for them to get out and walk. If you find yourself in a situation of having a dog who’s hard to get moving, try to rotate toys or get a new one every so often. Get out and meet a new dog, or teach them a new trick. Take them to a new park or a new city to walk around. The more stimulation and new experiences they have, the more they can get movement in without realizing!

Keep their diet in check

The healthiest food for older dogs tends to have less fat and more protein. Ask your veterinarian what they suggest for dogs with your pet’s weight, size, breed and health condition. Lifestyle and other health issues can affect what your dog’s intake should be. And don’t forget that feeding them scraps can be dangerous in case there is something harmful or something that conflicts with their diet.

Keep a general routine 

No one needs more stress right? And the same goes for an older dog. It’s inevitable that your schedule will change and have some alterations, but sticking to a general, daily routine will bring about peace of mind for your dog and hopefully keep their stress level down. We bet you’ll feel better too!

What is a habit you’ve found helps your aging dog?