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Staying Stress-Free when your Dog’s Health is Worrisome

We don’t often want to think about our dog’s age or health problems. Yet their increased need for care and attention keeps it at the forefront of our mind. Here are some ways that you can keep your spirits high like actively staying connected with people in similar situations and taking time for yourself when you need to clear your head.

Connect & Reset. Get out side with your furry friend. Take a walk or sit on the grass. Breathe in deeply and remember how much you’ve already done for your pet. They wouldn’t be here without you! And they are not worried about all the things you’re thinking about. Take time for yourself too – especially if your dog is needing 24/7 care or supervision. Find a friend or family member that is comfortable with your dog and get out of the house for a bit! 

Community. Being around other people, especially who are going through a similar situation can be incredibly comforting. Facebook can be a very helpful resource in looking for local dog groups and within that, you may find someone else with an elderly dog or who has had experience caring for one. 

Preparing for Change. If you’ve had a dog for a little while now, you know how observant they are and quick to pick up on little clues that indicate something is about to happen. If you’re preparing for a move, keep your boxes out in the open for a few weeks so they can get accustom to change while still seeing life continues. Similarly, if expecting a baby, leaving their baby gear or other items around for a bit before they actually arrive can make a difference! The biggest part is after the move, the baby, or other change, giving them lots of attention and showing that life will continue on as normal as possible. The more stress-free they are, the more you will be too!

Don’t get buried. Sometimes we let our to-do’s accumulate and it can be anxiety-ridden to have a huge list of things to do opposed to just chipping away gradually at them. Check out our blog post here on practical steps to keeping your tasks organized!! 

Stay Positive. Keep in mind how happy your pet is to have you in their life. They are not aware of all the things going on in your head but can pick up on your stress. The more you and your dog can continue enjoying your time together and staying positive, the easier everything will be!