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Helpful Apps for Dog Owners

There are always new Smartphone apps being released to make our lives easier and more efficient. Just because your dog doesn’t have an iPhone doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from them as well! We’ve complied a quick list of some of the ones we’ve been most impressed by.

Pet Desk App

Pet Desk - This app works as a hub to connect your vet, groomer, and/or boarder in a very easy-to-use format. You can request appointments and set reminders for medications or vet visits. You can log questions for your provider, notes, photos and even paperwork! With over 26.6k ratings, this app scored 4.8 stars and is well respected by pet care providers and pet owners alike!

Dog Walk App

Dog Walk by Tractive - I don’t know about you but I find it incredibly encouraging to know how much exercise I am getting. When caring for an elderly or injured pet that still needs their exercise no matter what, this app can help you help your pet stay on track. You can record the route, distance and duration of each walk you take with your dog. You can even take photos in the app and share with family and friends!

Manything App

Manything – Now this app is for those of who either aren’t interested in investing in an elaborate or expensive camera to watch your pet – or just need one a few times, here or there. Speaking from experience, this app was so helpful for me! Basically, you download the app on your spare phone or tablet to work as a camera, and then you download it onto your current phone to be able to see your pet at any time! For us it worked amazingly because our greyhound was in a crate, so we didn’t have to worry about the camera needing to capture a wide view.

Bring Fido App

Bring Fido – Traveling with an aging or injured pet can be tricky but also unsettling to leave them with someone who is unfamiliar with their routines. This app is incredibly helpful for travel because it can help you find pet-friendly places to stay. Just look up the area you’re interested in to be able to see what’s available to you and your four-legged friend. There’s even a filter for browsing hotels that don’t charge a pet fee!  

Animal Poison App

Animal Poison by ASPCA – Ever curious about foods or household products and their potential harm on your dog? Time and time again I’ve tried racking my brain to try and remember whether I can give our dog grapes or not! (They’re really fun to throw in the air.. but a DEFINITE no-no for dogs.) This app lists over 300 potential everyday hazards with information that comes from the expert veterinary staff at the ASPA’s Animal Poison Control Center, which has handled over 2.5 million cases of pets exposed to potentially toxic substances.  

So there you have it, 5 different applications that can enrich your dog’s day to day. Did you ever think 20 years ago you’d be walking around with a computer in your pocket that could answer pet questions, act as a camera when you’re away from home, and record your walks? I know I would have never believed it!

Stay tuned, we’ll be keeping you in the loop with the next round of popular dog apps we find! What do you think they’ll come out with next? Uber for dogs? If so, they might want to hold off on the Carpool option!!