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Gearing Up for Adventure

Products for your Next Summer Adventure

As you plan your adventure, check out these items that make it easier to bring your dog along with you on your next trip.

Are you flying again? The 5-in-1 Dog Roller Bag is the ultimate carrier for your trip. Strap it into your car on the way to the airport for a car seat, roll your dog through check-in, then neatly fit the bag under your airline seat. Talk about efficiency! There’s a large mesh window on the back so that your pup can keep an eye on what’s going on around them, and the bag comes in five colors! This one is made for little dogs, and as long as your pooch fits inside the bag will support its weight.

Travel tip: Be sure to check with your airline for under-seat size specifications.

Do you love to camp? A Lifestyle Dog Cot is an amazing way to keep your dog comfortable and off the ground while you're enjoying the outdoor life. The extra-strong mesh on the bottom of the cot allows airflow to keep your dog cool, but still supports their weight. And don't be afraid of the durability: water-resistant fabric and powder coated steel keep this cot strong for all of your adventures. The cot can also be used for indoor use. A breezy doorway or a sunny screened-in porch would be a great location! We carry multiple sizes in both Lake Blue and Harbor Grey.

Travel tip: Battle those bugs! Help your dog stay free of fleas, ticks and other pests with Diatomaceous Earth which naturally kills them.

Keep a bottle of Tea Tree oil in your backpack. It's well known for its antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal activity which lends itself to a wide variety of uses.

Got a beach day in your sights? Our highly-rated waterproof sunscreen was developed by a veterinarian, and is the only FDA compliant sunscreen for dogs. It's perfect for any dogs with short or thin hair; white and light hair; white or pink skin; and all dogs who are going to get a lot of sun exposure. Its quick dry formula is non-greasy, and includes ingredients with a protection factor equivalent to 30-40 SPF in human sunscreens.

Travel Tip: Always make sure there is shade available for your pup, even if you use sunscreen. Remember, they’re wearing fur coats and can overheat easily.

Adding an RV to your travel options? We've known RV dog owners to grab a ramp to quickly position against the door to help their dog get in and out with ease. Look how well the Bi-Fold Dog Ramp with SupertraX folds up! The removable supertraX mat is pressure activated meaning your dog will easily be able to grip into the mat, simply by putting their weight on it.

Travel Tip: If you’re hitting the open road, don’t forget to pack doggie waste bags for those roadside stops!

Even if you’re staying home this summer, we’ve got gear to help to bring your pup with you on errands or for a morning coffee run, like the R & R Sling Carrier. There’s a removable zippered mesh panel on top that can be closed to keep your dog discreetly inside, or left open to let them look out as you’re on-the-go.

Wherever you end up this summer, be sure to equip your dog with what they need to stay comfortable, safe and healthy! Be sure to snap a picture of your dog and tag us at #goldenwagsadventures to be featured in our stories!