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a close up image of a blue dog toy with paw engraved to it
a close up image of a dog in the beach biting a treat out of a blue treat dispenser
bottom view of a blue treat dispenser for dogs
two cute dogs sniffing on a pink treat dispenser next to a green and blue colored dispenser
a blue, pink, and green colored dog treat dispenser
a cute dog sitting on the beach wearing sunglasses next to a green treat ball dispenser

Petique Paw Me! Treat Ball Dispenser, Baby Blue

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Petique's Paw Me Treat Balls are the paw-fect way to have your furry pals play and receive delicious rewards!

With their squishy, durable construction and the bonus of a vanilla aroma, your pet won't be able to resist!

Not to mention, our treat balls are safe and interactive, so your pet can have unlimited playtime that keeps them healthy and entertained!


    • Squishy design allows big dogs to bite down on the Treat ball
    • Round design to allow the ball the roll when your pets use your nose and paws or when you throw toss the ball
    • Keeps your pets busy, active, and healthy
    • Light vanilla scent to attract your pets
  • SAFETY: BPA free and safe for your pets to put in their mouth
  • Meets FDA standards


  • Helps your pets eat slower
  • Stimulates your pet's brain as they roll the ball around and paw for treats
  • Keeps your pets busy while you work
  • Keeps your pets more active when they are chasing and rolling the ball
  • Creates a great bonding experience between human and pet
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Paw Me! Treat Ball Dispenser benefits you and your pets

Care Instructions

  • Use cloth to clean the surface
  • Rinse interior with clean water
  • Air dry
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